Urology and Andrology


ISSN 2414-9527 (Online)

ISSN 2307-6631 (Print)

The journal highlights new achievements of Russian and world medicine in the field of urology, nephrology, andrology and a number of related disciplines. The editorial board of the journal is broadly represented by Russian and world specialists from leading urological clinics. The journal publishes the results of original studies in various topics, including specially created rubrics of endoscopic urology, oncourology, female urology, etc.; discusses debatable problems in the section «Pro and contra»; assigns the sections «Column for residents» and «A pathomorphologist’s view». Also, reviews of literature on topical problems of urology, reports of the most significant scientific congresses and conferences, specialists’ comments on current clinical guidelines and recommendations of various urological associations and organizations are presented.

«Rospechat» catalogue subscription indices: for legal entities and for physical persons – 25246

Format: А4 • Circulation: from 4000 copies • Volume: from 80 pages • Periodicity: 4 times a year • Print: full-colour.

The journal is registered by the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Legislation in Mass Media and Cultural Heritage Protection. Registration number PI No.FS77-50934 of 27.08.2012

The group of scientific specialties – 14.01.00 – clinical medicine.