Pediatric Nutrition

Pediatric Nutrition



ISSN 2414-9519 (Online) 

ISSN 1727-5784 (Print)

The journal of the National Society of Dietitians, Society of Pediatric Gastroenterologists and Global Initiative for Consensus in Pediatrics.

It has been published since 2003 and is aimed at a large audience of medical practitioners, including pediatricians, dieticians, gastroenterologists.

The journal publishes original research works, literature reviews, lectures, methodological recommendations, clinical observations, official documents of public healthcare governing bodies.

The group of scientific specialties:

14.01.08 – Pediatrics (medical sciences)

14.01.28 – Gastroenterology (medical sciences)

Topics of publications:

·         nutrition problem of healthy and ill children of various age;

·         nutrition of pregnant and breast-feeding women;

·         rational infant nutrition during the first year of life;

·         organization of children’s nutrition in preschool institutions and schools;

·         specificities of therapeutic food in various pediatric diseases;

·         information about new specialized products for children’s nutrition and their use in diets of healthy and ill children;

·         certain sections of the journal are devoted to the aspects of pediatric gastroenterology: diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the digestive organs in children.

"Russian Press: Newspapers and Magazines" (Foreign Publications’ Distribution Agency) catalogue subscription index – 12917.

Format: А4 • Circulation: 3150 copies • Volume: from 80 pages • Periodicity: 6 times a year • Print: full-colour.

The journal is registered by the Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Legislation in Mass Media and Cultural Heritage Protection. Registration number PI No77-25041 from 20.07.2006.