Pediatric Nutrition

The «Friso» products for infant nutrition: indications and specific clinical application

At present, the «Friso» basic product line for children’s nutrition has changed substantially. Along with the «infant» and «followup» formulas Frisolac 1 and Frisolac 2, the specialized formula Frisolac 3 has been developed for children aged from 1 to 3 years. The antireflux formula containing honey-locust-tree gluten – Frisovom 1 – is added by the Frisovom 2 formula that combines the properties of the antireflux formula and meets the requirements of infants from 6 months old in nutrients and energy. Frisopep AS is a medicinal formula based on deep casein hydrolisate and it is aimed for diet therapy of severe forms of food allergy. The results of clinical trials of the products are presented.