Pediatric Nutrition

Rational diet therapy in atopic dermatitis complicated by secondary mycotic infection in infants

The work was aimed at studying the efficacy of diet therapy using the advanced adapted formula based on New Zealand goat’s milk «Young Golden Nanny-Goat» in small infants with forms of atopic dermatitis (AD) complicated by mycotic infection. The observation involved 64 infants aged from 1 to 3 years with AD complicated by mycotic infection. Of them, 34 infants received the adapted formula «Young Golden Nanny-Goat» as part of a hypoallergenic diet. The control group comprised 30 infants who received a milk-free diet. The use of the goat’s milk formula «Young Golden Nanny-Goat» in diets of small infants with AD complicated by mycotic infection brings about not only short-term positive results such as a clinical remission at 10–21 day from the beginning of the therapy but also a long-term positive effect – a 2.6-fold prolongation of the remission period, a 2.7-fold reduction of relapses against the background of the decrease of the contents of serum total IgE and allergen-specific IgE to cow’s milk and casein, the baby’s growth and development being adequate. Therefore, substitution of cow’s milk products by a fullvalue goat’s milk infant formula in the ration of small infants permits to optimize diet therapy in such patients and to ensure their normal physical development.