Pediatric Hematology/Oncology and Immunopathology

Validation of integrated approach in the activities of psychological service supporting the therapeutic process in pediatric oncohema tology

Based on experience gained by the authors and ideas of modern psychological and psychotherapeutic schools, this paper pres ents an integrated approach to studies of psychological aspects of disease and therapy and to organization of psychological  service for support of the therapeutic process to be used in pediatric oncohematology. This service can be effective if care is ren dered not only to every participant (patient, his or her parents, medical staff), but if the psychological problems are regarded in the integrity of interactions and relationships between all participants in the disease and treatment &-quot-drama&-quot-. The &-quot-case accompa niment&-quot- and organization of a psychological seminar (&-quot-Balint group&-quot-) for medical staff are the forms most appropriate for realiza tion of the integrated approach. Examples of psychologist's care in the construction of better coordinated concepts of the disease and treatment in the child, his or her parents, and staff and psychologist's work on age specific problems of children are present ed within the framework of &-quot-case accompaniment&-quot- activities. The Balint group seminar for the staff is aimed at reduction of psy chological loading of the staff and prevention of high risk of the professional burnout. Integrated psychological service in pedi atric oncohematology is aimed at minimization of the psychological stress and conflicts and improvement of cooperation between the participants of the therapeutic process.