Protein-losing enteropathy in children

The lecture deals with one of the most diagnostically and therapeutically challenging problems of paediatric gastroenterology – protein-losing enteropathy. It is a rare syndrome with an underlying protein loss through the intestines. As a rule, it is a complication of diseases of varied etiology. The diagnosis is not always made early, since the clinical picture of this condition is characterised by variability due to the diversity of causes of protein-losing enteropathy. But it is always associated with hypoproteinaemic oedema, either peripheral or abdominal, or swollen tissues.
Key words: protein-losing enteropathy, exudative enteropathy, protein-losing enteropathy in children
For citation: Shapovalova N.S., Novikova V.P. Protein-losing enteropathy in children. Vopr. dietol. (Nutrition). 2020; 10(1): 68–75 (In Russian). DOI: 10.20953/2224-5448-2020-1-68-75