Clinical Practice in Pediatrics

Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and its correction in young professional football players

Objective. To assess the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in young professional football players residing in the Russian Federation and analyze the measures for its correction.
Patients and methods. In this prospective cohort study, we analyzed the results of examination of 95 young football players (aged 12–17 years) from the football Academy ‘Lokomotiv’ (Moscow) who had no contraindications to sports. Data analysis was performed using IBM SPSS Statistics software, 23.0. We employed the methods of descriptive statistics, Student's t-test for paired samples, Mann-Whitney test, and linear regression.
Results. Twenty participants (21%) were found to have vitamin D deficiency and 29 participants (30.5%) had vitamin D insufficiency. Forty-six football players (48.5%) had normal levels of cholecalciferol. Athletes with vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency received a 30-day course of vitamin (tablets with a daily dose of 5000 IU). After the course, all participants demonstrated a significant increase (by 122.7%) in the level of serum 25(ОН)D; deficiency/insufficiency was eliminated in 85.7% of cases. We observed high efficacy of correction of vitamin D deficiency in football players with lower baseline levels of serum 25(ОН)D.
Conclusion. We found high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency (51.5%) in young professional football players residing in Moscow and developed a safe and effective scheme to correct it.
Key words: vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency, correction of vitamin D deficiency, cholecalciferol, young football players.

For citation: Bezuglov E.N., Tikhonova A.A., Zueva A.V., Chubarovskiy F.V., Repetyuk A.D., Khaytin V.Yu., Lazarev A.M. Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and its correction in young professional football players. Vopr. prakt. pediatr. (Clinical Practice in Pediatrics). 2019; 14(4): 30–35. (In Russian).

DOI: 10.20953/1817-7646-2019-4-30-35